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"Cannot thank you enough - Think how you work is very good and i`ll recommend you 100%"

- Ewen Weatherburn, Actor

"If anyone is wondering whether to book, I wholeheartedly recommend Chris! He was amazing to work with and really professional, I was so pleased with my headshots."

- Keira Gee, Actor

"Thank you so much to the brilliantly talented Chris Keenan for doing my headshots last weekend! They’re brilliant!  You’ve a brilliant eye and I felt relaxed and well directed for our shoot.  To all my actor/model friends, give Chris a shout. You will not be disappointed."

- Natasha Norris, Actress

"Highly recommended! To my Manchester and northern-based actor chums, message him and book a place before they're snatched up!"

- Calum Scouller, Actor

"Wow that was so difficult to choose five photos, I love so many of them.  Lauren loved doing the photoshoot and we are so pleased with the photos.  Thank you so much"

- Penny Gibson, Parent of child actress

"...These are PHENOMENAL.  Thank you so much for making me look like a rock star - or opera star! I am super into these!"

- Sam Dewese, Operatic Baritone

"...very friendly chatty person, easy to work with and a brilliance with his camera..."

- Franki Barker-Johnson, Actress/Model

"If you need professional headshots, Chris Keenan is your man and travels all over the country.  I am so pleased with mine..."

- Trevor Puckett, Actor

"...very professional and fast work rate. Amazing photographer!  One of the best you will come across. Highly recommend!"

- Cher Daniels, Actress

"...Eeeek!  Too many great shots to pick from!"

- Tracey Andrews, Parent of child actress

"...OMG sooooo pleased!!!  Thank you!  Yay!  Really, really pleased!  I'm so happy, you've made my week - made my year!"

- Johanna Stanton, Actress/Model

"...I am amazed at what you have done with that sasquatch of a gym rat you had to contend with!"

- Keely Smith, Fitness Model

"...So happy with Arabella’s fantastic headshots!  Thank you xx"

- Rebecca, Parent of child actress

"...thanks again Chris - so happy with them! I'll definitely recommend you to my friends and actor friends.  Thank you so much!"

- Charlene Aldridge, Actress

"Thank you so much!! It was such an amazing shoot"

- Lydia Smith, Actress

"...The new headshots are definitely working Chris. Both girls are on pencil!"

- Michelle Bradfield, Parent to child actors

"...Chris, these are brilliant, I’m really chuffed with the outcome! I’ll definitely be in touch with you again the next time I need a shoot!"

- Euan Broughton, Actor

"..It was so hard to choose, the photos are amazing thank you!"

- Steph Wright, Parent to child actor

"...You did a fab job and the selection has been hard!  Thank you so much!"

- Malou Coindreau, Actress

"...They are all fab headshots!! It wasn't an easy choice as there are so many lovely shots, thank you."

- Jackie Geoghegan, Parent to child actor

"...Absolutely love my new headshots! This one is my fav! Thank you."

- Lilly Ebsworth, Actress

"...Great pictures!  Thanks for your patience with him Chris and making him smile."

- Mark Deakin, Parent to child actor

"...So pleased with these headshots!  Fantastic work by Chris."

- Daniel Brown, Actor

"OMG love them!  Thank you so much - I actually like my face!"

- Laura Perkins, Film Director

"...Thank you so much!  I'm absolutely thrilled with the headshots!"

- Cara Dessaur, Actress

"These are wonderful! First time in a long time that I like the raw pictures of myself.  To have such a positive shoot has given me a lot of confidence too!"

- Jemma Stein, Dancer

"Ahh I love them!!  I can't wait to show Jessica in the morning as she's asleep.  She's going to love them too.  Can't wait to get some printed, really over the moon with them. Thank you so much!"

- Mary Smith, Parent of child actress

"...Thank you for doing my headshots yesterday!  I love them!"

- Mia Dessaur, Actress

"...Really Pleased with the new headshots, would definitely recommend."

- Tracy Jones, Parent to child actor

"These are great, really lovely shots.  Really happy with them!  Thank you so much"

- Jack Thompson, Actor

"...Just received my new headshots from Chris Keenan and am very pleased with them.  Thank you!"

- Keith Tomlin, Actor

"...Thank you for the amazing headshots that came through last night - absolutely loving them!  A very hard decision."

- Maddison Staniland, Actress

"...Great catch up with Chris, so lovely and humble and funny.  Thanks for making me feel so comfortable.  Highly recommended."

- Jade Dillon, Actress

"...Ladies and Gentlemen, the man, the myth, the legend, Chris Keenan - has worked a miracle!"

- Helena Graham, Singer and Actress

"...Can I just say I am over the moon with my headshots and couldn't recommend you enough!  You've captured me and they're exactly what I wanted, it was a fun shoot and I felt completely relaxed, thank you and thank you again!"

- Kiera Lane - Actress

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